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Dear esteemed colleagues and clients:

Jorge PatzerIt is with much sadness that I have to share the news I received lasts tonight while in office late.  Our friend and colleague Jorg Patzer had a tragic motor cycle accident last Friday. I know some of you may not have known him, but those who did know what a great friend, colleague and professional he was. Jorg was a Maxfit family member for a couple of years. He was an excellent massage practitioner and patients loved this approach. Though he left MaxFit, we kept connected and often hung out as friends. He was suppose to have dinner at my place a month ago.  We missed him when he moved on to pursue another dreams and now that absence is amplified infinitely. This is very sad news. He will be sorely missed by his partner, family and all those who knew him.

The massage practitioners community and health care community lost an enthusiastic and caring professional.

Life is dynamic and you never know what cards its going to deal you. Make the best of your day today and every day. Please help us extend positive thoughts to this family and friends.

A service for Jorg will be taking place Saturday September 8th, at 1.30pm at the Celebration Hall at Mountain View Cemetery, 5455 Fraser St (parking is limited.)

Reception: 4pm to close, at Score on Davie, 1262 Davie Street, Vancouver.


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What our clients are saying
  • "‘I've been a patient of Dr. Kelsick for the past 10 years, and Dr. Rite for the past 4, and the two are truly amazing at what they do! Although their titles are Chiropractors, they both have such a wide base of knowledge and understanding of the body, that I often feel as if our sessions are a combination of chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and occasionally even nutrition. As such, when I see them, I know I am being taken care off. As an athlete, and simply an injury prone individual, they have both truly made a difference in how my body functions. I definitely recommend =).’ "
    Sabrina Nettey
  • "‘Dr. Kelsick and his team are truly amazing. They’ve been putting me back together and keeping me moving for more than 15 years and now take care of my whole extended family, from my 86-year-old mom to my teenage daughters. Dr. Kelsick goes the extra mile to understand exactly what is going on with your body in order to provide the very best solutions. No problem is too complex or challenging. Think Dr. House with a far better bedside manner!’ "
    Peggi Peacock
  • "‘As an athlete my goal is to have a fit and healthy body, and Maxfit Movement Institute helps me maintain this goal. The team of Doctors are truly gifted, and their positive outlook on life is amazing. Thank you for making a difference in my life.’"
    L Murphy
  • "‘The difference with the staff at MaxFit, especially Randy and Wilbour: they take the time to assess and determine the source of your aches or pains. Not only do they treat whatever it is, they explain how to avoid it happening again. I have tried many physio-therapists but none of them come close to MaxFit. Highly recommended. ‘"
    Dave Harkness



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