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We are happy to announce that a new practitioner is joining our team! After extensive medical training and many years of working in the health industry as a tutor, instructor, administrator, clinical associate, and coach, Ralitza Spassova, MD has decided to make healing through coaching her primary focus. 

Finding a path

It takes courage to step off the conventional path and approach healing with maturity and wisdom, and most of all authenticity, that is what Ralitza has settled on. She believes that an integrated approach to health and wellness, which matches the MaxFit core philosophy, is key to healing and forging a better life journey. 

After moving across the world with her family from Bulgaria many years ago, and after living abroad until COVID-19 changed the world as we know it, Ralitza is now happy to call herself a Lower Mainland resident.

‘The pandemic really put things in perspective for many of us,’ she says, ‘and mostly, it allowed us to discover the beauty of nature.’ Falling in love with the natural beauty of British Columbia was not hard for Ralitza, more so because she loves being active. 


‘The beach is one of my favourite places to be,’ she says, ‘because I love the connection with the earth and water.’ The concept of connecting people and nature is what helped Ralitza create special packages for people who want to go farther in discovering their purpose, and living a truly aligned, passionate and joyful life. 

When not busy working, Ralitza loves being at the beach playing volleyball and beach tennis. Winter got her outside for some snowboarding. She loves indoor strength training because of the added challenge to push through one’s perceived physical capacity. 

Coaching for improved health

As for the collaboration with MaxFit, it was almost ‘meant to be’, Ralitza says. 

‘I appreciate the holistic healthcare model at MaxFit, and I am hoping to integrate my knowledge and experience in working with the team here to help clients on their journey,’ she says. Her goal is to help people tap into their resources to optimize their health rather than just work to eliminate disease symptoms. 

Through her medical background, Ralitza is aiming to help clients understand their diagnosis and medical conditions, and then help them integrate recommendations that can be aligned with an optimal health journey. 

She is a PainBC Coach, Physician Coach and Personal Transformational Coach and will be offering both individual and group coaching. You can call our office for exact days and times of the available coaching sessions.Please call our office for exact days and times of the available coaching sessions.

Ralitza will be offering workshops both at the clinic and in the community. If you cannot attend in person or would prefer to sign up for online events, she will be offering that as well. You can learn more about programs and coaching at and

Ralitza Spassova’s life philosophy stems from the quote that she strongly believes in: ‘Life happens for you.’ Meaning that we can take our experiences as they happen and turn them into something that truly serves us, such as opportunities to heal and thrive – physically, mentally and spiritually, rather than events that happen to us and can limit our beliefs that we can build a better path.

Welcome to the team, Ralitza! We are excited to have you join MaxFit!


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