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Most people know exactly how it feels (in short, far from great!). The common ankle sprain is also known as a rolled ankle or more appropriately an “inversion sprain”. Most people have a story where their leg went one way and their foot went the other. It could happen when jumping, running and or sliding to catching the curb “just right”.


Here’s what happens

The movement stresses the tendons, ligaments and muscles on the outside of the ankle joint and in cases of significant injury we can see complete tearing of ligaments and fractures.

This movement forces the front of the foot inward and pressure onto the outside of the foot. This stresses a ligament known as the Anterior Talofibular Ligament (the name means that it connects the talus and fibula in the front.)

These ligaments play a role in stability of the joint as well as offering feedback which allows you to know where your joint is without looking at it. If you’re not sure you can close your eyes and point your toes – you’ll know they are pointed without looking at them. This is known as proprioception, a pretty neat feature we possess.


OK, so your ankle is in trouble. We typically recommend ice (or a frozen bag of peas) to get the recovery process started and help control the inflammation for the first days of your injury. But: if you are experiencing significant bruising it’s important to get your ankle looked at to evaluate the injury.

Good to know: if you cannot bear weight on your ankle following your injury this would be a good time to see your medical practitioner.

The recovery process from this type of injury is important. You need to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the area of injury as well as increasing your awareness of the position of your foot. It sounds like a simple concept, but people move differently following an injury. When in doubt come check us out at the MaxFit Movement Institute, we can help you with that and help you be back on your feet and active before you know it.

Courtesy of Dr. Kyle Stunden

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  • "‘I've been a patient of Dr. Kelsick for the past 10 years, and Dr. Rite for the past 4, and the two are truly amazing at what they do! Although their titles are Chiropractors, they both have such a wide base of knowledge and understanding of the body, that I often feel as if our sessions are a combination of chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and occasionally even nutrition. As such, when I see them, I know I am being taken care off. As an athlete, and simply an injury prone individual, they have both truly made a difference in how my body functions. I definitely recommend =).’ "
    Sabrina Nettey
  • "‘Dr. Kelsick and his team are truly amazing. They’ve been putting me back together and keeping me moving for more than 15 years and now take care of my whole extended family, from my 86-year-old mom to my teenage daughters. Dr. Kelsick goes the extra mile to understand exactly what is going on with your body in order to provide the very best solutions. No problem is too complex or challenging. Think Dr. House with a far better bedside manner!’ "
    Peggi Peacock
  • "‘As an athlete my goal is to have a fit and healthy body, and Maxfit Movement Institute helps me maintain this goal. The team of Doctors are truly gifted, and their positive outlook on life is amazing. Thank you for making a difference in my life.’"
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